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Sleeping Like a Baby

Let's get some sleep!

You are here because you are TIRED! Maybe you are tired of Googling sleep schedules for your little one and it not sticking. Maybe you are tired of constantly battling it out with your toddler at nap or bedtime. Maybe you are tired of dreading the evenings because you know sleep is elusive and you want your nights back! Let me help you! By using the science behind sleep, along with researched and proven sleep techniques, I work one-on-one with your family to make sure you get the rest you all so desperately need. 


Email to set up a free consultation call to get started!

Deidra was phenomenal to work with - her calm and patient demeanor was exactly what we needed. She gave Matt and I the confidence that we needed to help our son sleep independently through the night. She was there every step of the way to help problem solve and answer any question we had. I wish I would have called Deidra months ago. Now that our son has the skills and tools to sleep through the night, its been life changing for our family. We will be singing Deidra's praises to everyone!

Holly M.

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